One of the most favorite meat cooking methods in Sardinia is roasting it on the spit. Su Porcheddu, meaning sucking pig, is a widespread meat dish on the island and is always prepared during farm holidays. The pig, which is going to be roasted, must be about 40 days old – the meat is young and tender. Before the roasting, hair removal process with boiling water must take place. The most traditional way of roasting the pig involves a fire pit lined with hot coals, the pig is cooked underground with myrtle leaves. Some timeshe second method is to roast the pig on the spit – it is faster and the meat gains more crunchiness. Common ingredients to enhance the flavor are olive oil, salt, pepper and fennel. Aromatic and mouthwatering Su Porcheddu dish goes well with a glass of red Cannonau wine. Unfortunately cooking a whole suckling pig in a hole in the ground is not practical for most home cooks, it can be attempted with care and skill by the adventurous chef, details are available if you search online. It is a dish that will feed a crowd of hungry people. Alternatively be sure to order it if you visit the beautiful Island of Sardinia.