San Marino


La Serenissima is a cake factory in the Republic of San Marino. A landlocked country within Italy's borders, San Marino is only slightly larger than Vatican City. Since 1942 the same traditional recipe has been used with natural ingredients. Every product is made completely by hand with special pastry making techniques. La Serenissima's formula is simple. The rarest varieties of cacao, hazelnuts, almonds and coffee are used to bring out the fragrance and unique flavors. Five fragrant layers of round wafer filled with chocolate and hazelnut cream and crowned with a delicious rich dark chocolate.


Each Torta is beautifully packaged. Choose between the original classic torta or the coffee-flavored torta. Because the Torta tre monti is a truly artisan product it is very difficult to provide an authentic recipe for the home cook. This is one of those foods that you will have to sample yourself by tracking one down from a San Marino, perhaps one of the more difficult foods to scratch off the Gastro scratch map!