Because of the complex ingredients and cooking of Verivorst it is not practical for most home cooks to make this dish. You will have to travel to Estonia to sample this sausage or nmaybe you’ll find them at a specialist grocer or on a webshop. Verivorst is a variety of blood sausage native to Estonia. It is made using pig blood . The color of the sausage varies from dark red to black and it is shaped like a typical sausage. It is also referred to as the Estonian national dish and It is most popular as a winter-cum-Christmas dish.
When slaughtering a pig, the meat was used as food and the blood was considered as a by product. Blood sausages and variants were made to utilize all the possible parts effectively. Pork blood is the main ingredient of verivorst. Other ingredients like pork fat or lard, onions, and garlic are also used. Spices and herbs like black pepper, bay leaves, paprika, parsley and cassia are used to enhance the flavor of the sausage.
All the ingredients, including the casing, should be chilled when used. Onions and spices are cooked in lard till fragrant. It is then frozen till set. Cubes of lard are cut and stored aside. Pork pieces and liver are boiled along with blood. It is then cooled and frozen. Lard and blood are then coarsely processed and ground using a food processor. This mixture is stuffed into the chilled casings and tied using sausage links. It is then cooked in a bain marie for about 40 minutes and served hot or cold often with sauerkraut.